PopCultHQ Explores the Undefined Infinite — Watch ‘The UNDEFINITY Show’

PopCultHQ has been following Undefinity for quite some time and it is easy to say we are thoroughly impressed by the content that they have released.  They brought us the Surviving with Daryl series, Billy & BettyJack & Jill: A Disappointing Horror Movie, and the award winning Naughty List.  We are so excited now to help announce their new and upcoming project, The UNDEFINITY Show.

The Layton brothers are back at it again, getting creative in their new studio with fun sketches, games, and so much more.  Their goal is to provide “an interactive way for you to expand your knowledge, kindle your creativity, and be entertained.”  Undefinity is “a dimension of unconstructed space where ideas are born” or what they like to call “the undefined infinite”.

Be sure to check out the released pilot below, look for the infinite Easter egg, and subscribe to their channel to discover what the infinite has in store for you.

The UNDEFINITY Show is set to air this Friday, June 9th at 7:00pm MST.

If you wish to further support Undefinity, check out their Patreon and be sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more behind-the-scenes action!