PopCultHQ Comic Book Spotlight – Awake #2 from Action Lab Entertainment


PopCultHQ is continuing with their reviews of the new series Awake by the talented folks at Action Lab Entertainment.  Today we give you issue number two…


The story begins with Picar and Chaybon racing through the desert on their hoverbikes.  Upon reaching a town, the two enter a saloon to play a game of talygon.  Chaybon faces off against a giant, blue, furry monster, who accuses him of cheating.  This very well could have happened given Chaybon’s apparent penchant for money.ChayBlue

We are then transported to Regn’s facing of the monstrous Gremon.  The panels on these pages are not only fantastically mesmerizing, but it is here we learn that Regn’s powers are not limited to seismic vibrations.  Upon Gremon’s assault, we are witness to her ability to construct a bridge, catch someone from falling, and create an energy shield to protect her and others.  It almost is like Havok and Jean Grey from the X-Men conceived a child (IMO).  Once safely guarded in an energy field, the young girl reaches out in an attempt to evoke peace from the beast.

A girl Picar and Chaybon met at the saloon, Gen, leaves with them to show them around town.  Some friendly words were exchanged by the traveling trio, until Gen needs to step away.  Gen is not what she seems.  We see three panels indicating that she has an agenda.  Hmm…

We are then taken to an unknown locale belonging to what appears to be the main antagonist involved, Baron Korup.  His sheer size commands presence.  A couple of lackeys shadow him and cater to his every whim.  The Baron then diverts his attention to his top henchman, Gurk, and makes a demand of his hitman.  Gurk assuredly avows that the deed will be done.


Returning to the trio of travelers, Chaybon has this overwhelming feeling that destruction follows wherever they go.  Meanwhile, Picar and Gen get into a little, “Let’s see who’s bigger” debate.  They decide on a hoverbike race of tag.  The stakes:  Gen wins – she keeps the hoverbike; if Picar wins – he’s given a info disk of valuable proportions.  Just as it looks like Picar will be victorious, Gen kicks him off his bike and rides on.  When Picar tries to pursue her, he can’t locate her.  She disappeared.

Artist Brian Hess and Writer Susan Beneville
Artist Brian Hess and Writer Susan Beneville

Writer Beneville and artist Hess have done it again, and perhaps even stepped the game up a bit with this second issue.  More questions are abound: “Exactly what is Regn’s potential with her powers?” “Will Picar display more of his abilities?” “What is Gen up to?” “Who is the mysterious Baron Korup?” “What are Gurk’s plans?”  Issue three will certainly bring us to another level of mystique, intrigue, and compelling drama.