PopCultHQ Comic Book Review – “Inside the Loop” From EMET Comics


IL1This notice (left) immediately accentuates the environment you will be subjected to in this series.  A dystopian-like future where a planet is split between two governing bodies: The Collective, a socialist society which has their nearly 600,000 citizens micro-chipped for tracking purposes, and The Loop, an unregulated capitalist society possessing nearly 2 million residents divided among 7 districts.

An epidemic known as Plague is infecting people. Those stricken with the disease are quarantined from society.  Even through rehabilitation at Quarantine, residents are leery and apprehensive as to whether the sickness has been fully removed.  The story follows Tora, a criminal investigator who contracted Plague and was confined to Quarantine, who has to daily face the stigma associated with such confinement, not to mention the tattoo imprinted on the back of her hand showing she’d once been infected.  When her and her partner notice an anomalous puncture wound on a John Doe victim while performing an autopsy, Tora seeks more answers.  When a new requisitions clerk stymies her efforts, her autopsy unexpectedly shut down for mysterious reasons, and being informed that she still shows trace of Plague and must return to quarantine status, Tora’s safety and freedom are at risk.  To avoid returning to Quarantine, and for any hope for a cure for her, the story’s protagonist makes the decision to secretly enter into The Loop, a locale which the Collective forbid.IL2

For her very first comic book created, Cindy Tobisman has cemented herself as a strong science fiction writer to be reckoned with by delivering all the things you would want in a futuristic story.  As much as she was able to pack into this premiere issue, it never felt like it was overpowering or too much to take in all at once.  With each turn of the page, I just became more excited and elated as aspects of some of well-known films were interwoven into the story.

Inside the Loop personifies science fiction; almost a cross between Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and 2008’s The Happening, with a hint of The Hunger Games and a touch of CSI.  Immediately I was hooked on the story and artwork.  Illustrator Lynne Yoshii does a superb job at capturing the gritty, ominous future landscape of a world where citizens live in fear and Big Brother is always watching.  Both Tobisman and Yoshii have united to set a new bar for science fiction comic books.  Inside the Loop is the best comic I have read in months, Marvel and DC can’t touch a sci-fi epic like this, and I will certainly be adding Inside the Loop to my pull list.


PopCultHQ’s review rating for Inside the Loop is…

PopCultHQ 5 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 5 out of 5 stars ***


Here’s the official summary from EMET Comics for Inside the Loop:

Tora Wellborne stands at the center of two politically diverged cities, The Collective and The Loop.  When she falls victim to the Plague, she finds her allegiances in question as her focus becomes one thing – how to survive.

EMET Comics Rating: TEEN +16 – Some material may be inappropriate for teenagers under the age of sixteen. Subject matter may have violence, profanity, and scenes of concealed or implied sexual content.

We recommend that parents read our comics before buying them for their children.

You can purchase the digital or print copy of issue #1 from EMET Comics on Shopify.


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