PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: Insane Comics – HOLLOW GIRL #2

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Already being a huge fan of Hollow Girl with issue #1 and its unexpected hard hitting, paranormal, psychological-mystery – my first review focused on its unapologetic view at violent vigilante justice. There is far more to Hollow Girl than a simple “kill ’em all” female, that would give “The Crow and “The Punisher” a run for their money. Hollow Girl brought us an extremely troubled youth with a hidden agenda for her violent rages.

All the questions brought forth in the thrilling intro issue are mostly divulged in the second. But not all mysteries are quite solved just yet; even more intriguing revelations arise in this first-part of the new two-issue story arc ‘Father(s)‘. The secrecy begins to unravel quickly in Hollow Girl #2, so trying not to spoil anything is a challenge in this review.

This second issue has a ton going on; mainly it’s a transitioning of ‘Kat’ Harlow, the ‘soul-less’ 10-year old little girl who killed her own parents, into a character that will begin to lead her own life as a young woman, ‘Hollow Girl’. That’s if she can separate from the ones currently pulling strings and a haunting past that won’t let her move forward. Also, the poor Detective who helped this young girl years ago, is now about to face the repercussions of his action.

There are always reasons people do the things they do and in Hollow Girl #2 we begin to get those reasons loud and clear.

Once again, I’m loving the dark, moody, psychological-drama, horror by Luke Cooper!

PopCultHQ Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

PCHQ 4.5

The only thing I would have liked to see from Hollow Girl, was to have this whole story stretched out to a 6 or 12 issue series. There is so much here that could have been played with, Hollow Girl could have really enhanced the overall depth of its tale. This issue felt very rushed to get onto the next chapter of the main character’s development, but I’m very sure there is still plenty yet to come and surprise us in future issues. Hollow Girl #2, a highly recommended comic book for everyone, especially the horror and action crowds.

Hollow Girl #2

Written by: Luke Cooper
Art by: Luke Cooper
Cover by: Luke Cooper
Lettered by: Luke Cooper

Official Synopsis:
Father[s] – Part 1 of 2
When Katherine ‘Kat’ Harlow was ten-years-old, she killed her parents. Showing no sign of remorse, she was said to be a girl devoid of conscience or soul – a Hollow Girl. Six years later, she reappeared as a brutal masked vigilante, avenging the dead with retributive violence. That is what most people know about Hollow Girl. That’s enough, right? Wrong. Because there is a question that was never asked back when it all began, the answer to which changes everything. Why?

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