PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: Bob Salley’s – SALVAGERS Vol. 1 “Empty Cargo”

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Covers: Salvager Vol. 1 “Empty Cargo”

Salvagers – Empty Cargo:

This is the first volume of an independent comic book series that has already leaped into a well established sci-fi, superhero team franchise. Renowned for its sci-fi landscape and eccentric characters, with high-octane action…..Salvagers was GOTG (Guardians of the Galaxy) long before we had Marvel Studio’s version of the galactic superhero group on the big screen.

As creator Bob Salley told PopCultHQ, when we spoke with the Salvagers writer:

PopCultHQ: Was this concept and comic book created before Guardians of the Galaxy came to the movies?

Bob Salley: Way before. The concept of these characters came in 2007… we finally printed Issue #1 in 2013

PopCultHQ: Just as I figured, it was something I wanted to point out to readers.

Bob Salley: I get GOTG a lot… Makes me work harder to be better.

PopCultHQ: Don’t worry, you got them beat!

Bob Salley: I appreciate that. 



Salvagers Overview: 

Issue #1 introduces us to the gang of rough and tough space ‘Salvagers.’ The group find themselves deep in the outer rim of space. Brigby, Teagan, Captain Bill Roenick, Tiperniein “TY’R” are the workers of Harrier’s Salvager team, sent on a mission to recover the supplies and weapons left behind on an abandoned warship….now they’ll need to work together or it could be their very last job.

In issue #2 the story continues as we are taken back in time to see how the Salvagers’ resident trouble-maker got mixed up with the treacherous Dorak crime family on The Playground. The Playground, is the hub of the planet’s crime element. A system close enough to garner law enforcement, but still plenty isolated enough in the depths of space to attract all the scum of the Galaxy to its dense population.

Issue #3, finds the Salvagers with time running out for the group, as the crew is being hunted by Blackbane security droids, with an even greater looming danger that is heading their way.

Finally with their backs to the wall in issue #4, the crew have one shot at survival aboard the warship now turning coffin. Do the ‘Salvagers’ make it out alive, or will dreaded Blackbane droids finally terminate them.

Find out in the thrilling first adventure found only in Salvagers Vol. 1 “Abandoned Cargo”!


PopCultHQ Review:

Bob Salley loves his characters and the story and it shows in how he has been cooking up this great story of highly dynamic players found in Salvagers. Each character has evolved into their own unique role in this grand epic as it has grown over time.

It could be easy to pick on a few things in dialogue and artwork in the first few issue, but any critiques I would have concerns with, are already well taken care of. By the end of the final issues, it is clear that the Salvagers creative crew have been hitting full stride ever since!

I highly enjoyed Salvagers as it just kept getting better and better as the series progressed. All around, a spectacular sci-fi, action-adventure that will get the blood pumping and a cast of characters who will quickly warm your heart… this is a series not to be missed!

With issue #5 already in the works, Salvagers is here to stay and we couldn’t be more excited to spread the word about this fantastic comic book.

PopCultHQ Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

PCHQ 4.5

Official Synopsis:

In the distant future, the habitable planets are connected through trade of natural and artificial resources. The import and export business is flourishing for some systems, while leaving others at the mercy of major trade corporations. After the Galactic War ended, peace blanketed the galaxy; however, planets with little shipping resources turned to piracy or developed small guerrilla military units geared to pillage trade ships. This spawned the necessity for trade companies to hire private security contractors for protection. Even under the security of peacetime, there is no shortage of violence in outer space; from looting raiders, Navy destroyers neutralizing a rebel movement to the simplest space station falling victim to a rogue asteroid. These destroyed or abandoned ships and stations are classified as “WRECKS”. Licensed crews are commissioned by governments, empires and corporations to remove these wrecks. In a hostile galaxy, the risk and reward is high for these crews. They are known as the SALVAGERS.

Preview pages: Salvagers #2

Written by: Robert Salley
Art by: George Acevedo
Colored by: DeSiKa
Lettered by: HdE Ponsonby-Jones
Edited by: Chris Ludena

Published by: Think Alike Productions