PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: 451 Media – ‘Self Storage’ #5


This could be the most pivotal issue yet, with a shocking seminal event that will forever change how we look at this small zombie horror drama.

Self Storage has been tiny in scope, but to those reading along, it has always had its fair share of character-driven moments, elements of intimacy, blended with a candidly graphic zombie tale.


PopCultHQ  Rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars

PCHQ 4.5

As Chris can no longer keep his secret, how will Laura take it? Will this be the end of Jessica, the zombie, being locked away in a secluded storage shed? Also, we get our first hints of who put her there and why.

No one should miss this emotionally charged, pulse-pounding issue of 451 Media’s hit horror comic book Self Storage.


Self Storage #5


Official Synopsis: 

So… Tell me about love. Today is Chris and Laura’s one year anniversary. I can’t imagine this time last year Chris was thinking, “you know what, a year from now, I bet my relationship with Laura will have completely fallen apart, I’ll be harboring a zombie girl named Jessica in a storage locker, occasionally murdering innocent folks to feed her, and I’ll have no exit strategy from this living nightmare that has consumed my every waking minute.” And yet… here we are. True love is dead in 451’s Self Storage #5.

Preview pages:

Written by: Clay McLeod Chapman
Art by: Matt Timson
Lettered by: Eugenio Perez Jr.
Edited by: David Forrest

451 Media