Vinyl Sugar has just announced their newest release in the Dorbz line. The next set of awesome 3” vinyl figures will be all about our favorite bat. That’s right, Batman and his gang have entered the Dorbz line.

Batman in bringing several familiar faces with him such as Robin, Batgirl, Harley Quinn. Killer Croc, and the Penguin. Unfortunately we don’t see our favorite villain the Joker in this mix…. but once we read the official blog page we were delighted as they state “Look out for more Batman Dorbz coming later this year!”

This means that we will be seeing Joker and probably another version of the caped crusader along with a possibly a few more of his notorious villains. As this batch seems to have more classic costuming I would be expecting the second batch to be a little more current. Personally I would like to see a classic Frank Gorshin Riddler.

Each figure stands at a diminutive 3-inches and come in a window box that is ideal for displaying them without removing them from their packaging.