[Podcast] PodCultHQ’s FROM THE VAULT Ep. 2: Interview w/ Kraig Rasmussen of Monkeygong

Welcome to FROM THE VAULT.

This new podcast series from PodCultHQ features previously never-before-heard interviews, as well as past video interviews, with comic creators and giving them the spotlight in audio format! So get ready as we revisit some of PopCultHQ‘s conversations with talented people in the industry!

Episode two of FROM THE VAULT consists of a “Whatcha Doin’ in Comics?” feature, a new, upcoming feature highlighting comic creators who are doing something different, something unique in the comic book industry beyond releasing comics, graphic novels, and crowdfunding.

In this episode, listen to my conversation with Kraig Rasmussen about The Monkeygong Comics Club, a comic book subscription service that delivers comics, exclusive art, sketches, mini comics, gifts, surprise merch, and more!


Escape into the future with original sci-fi comics. Add a healthy dose of underground, psychedelic, slice-of-life, retro European, and a dose of cinematic influence… then go back in time with the way you get them.

Monkeygong’s Kraig Rasmussen spoke of the project:

“Subscriptions are crowdfunding in its purest form, it’s a forever presale. And the best of comics have always come from independent roots. Indie comics keep the literary core of sequential art alive, while filling the shelves with an alternative to more standard fare. Comics are not content. They are stories, characters, and deep expression of ideas. They historically speak truth to power, burrow unflinchingly into the complexities of the human condition, scream in our faces like the best of classic punk rock, or completely transport us like the greatest cinema—because independent art is the purest form of a creator’s vision. The Comics Club is the answer to all of that. No shifting algorithms to choke visibility, no AI scraping, no spam content to be distracted by. Subscription is the most sustainable form or small press/self-publishing. It’s crowdfunding without needing to run separate campaigns for every single book I make.”

Enjoy our conversation and get ready to go beyond the paywall!

Interview with Kraig Rasmussen

Do you enjoy weird underground, sci-fi, and humor comics? Subscribing to The Monkeygong Comics Club puts you in a direct path of every upcoming comic, sketchbook, & art book that Monkeygong is producing— and there are many on the way! Plus, some of the special books will only be available through the club and soon – DECODER RINGS!

Special thanks to Kraig for talking comics with us. Be sure to visit Monkeygong to learn more and subscribe!

Kraig Rasmussen is: A freelance illustrator, creator, writer. A sometime Bay Area resident. A part time denizen of Hollywood. Enthralled with story for it’s life-decrypting magic and cathartic process, I embraced the skills of story craft from a very young age, eschewing all other destinies.

I am a contract artist, providing illustrations and fine art for a variety of businesses and private clients, ranging from single illustrations and comics, to oils on canvas and watercolor. My current projects include two different independent comics, and readying the revamp of my website monkeygong.com for my own brand new web-comic “The Secret Origin of Dylan Drake”.

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