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PAX East, one of the premier gaming conventions in the United States, returned to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, March 21-24th This annual event brought gamers, developers, industry professionals, and fans together from around the world for an unforgettable celebration of all things gaming.


The convention floor was a vibrant hub of activity, with exhibitors showcasing the latest and greatest in video games, tabletop games, virtual reality experiences, and gaming hardware. From major big name titles to home made gems, attendees had the opportunity to play demos, interact with developers, and get a sneak peek at a few upcoming releases.


Our new thing for 2024 is to ask our readers to take a poll on some basic components of the con. We want to know how you rate the parking, the vendors and the food. The poll closes after 30 days and we will use this as a baseline for next years convention. We hope to eventually have a rating system set up for many of the conventions.

We realize that these don’t apply to all conventions, so if they don’t apply to your con, give them a 5 star.

**Later additions to the rating systems will include things such as guests and ticket prices**

PAX East had a diverse lineup of panels, workshops, and presentations that included everything from game development through to inclusivity. Guests included streamers, voice actors, game designers, performers and cosplayers. The tabletop gaming area offered a haven for board game enthusiasts, card game players, and tabletop RPG fans. Attendees could try out new games, participate in tournaments, join gaming sessions with friends, and explore a wide range of gaming genres and mechanics.

Beyond the gaming experiences, PAX East also offered a vibrant marketplace filled with gaming merchandise, collectibles, apparel, and memorabilia. Attendees could shop for exclusive items, meet artists and vendors, and take home souvenirs to commemorate their PAX East experience.

Cosplay photos are provided by a neutral third party with no opinions given on the event. Cosplay photos are provided to highlight the skills and enthusiasm of the photographer and cosplayers. All opinions and facts in the article are by the author.

A popular aspect of PAX East is Cosplay. Cosplay was inspired by beloved video game characters, anime icons, and pop culture references. The creativity, skill, and passion of cosplayers was on full display and Joseph Iacono captured some of it for us.

Cosplay Photos

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