One for the Con Lovers: How to Financially Support Your Hobby

Con lovers

Comic, anime, and hobby conventions are now highly popular industries. It’s not at all surprising why, when the likes of San Diego Comic-Con have incredible once-in-a-lifetime events like seeing the Aquaman trailer and the introduction of the 13th Doctor. If you’re fond of going to conventions, you know for a fact that regular attendance will require funding. On that vein, what do you need to know so you can properly support your avid convention habit?

Understand Costs

A convention goer will be expected to spend on their pass for each day they choose to attend the con. In popular conventions like the San Diego Comic-Con, the cost of a ticket averages between $45 to $63 per day. If the con you’d like to attend is out of state, you’ll have to factor in transportation, accommodation, food, and spending money on top of the ticket prices. Understanding the costs of attendance will help you grasp just how much you’ll need to earn.

Sort Out Your Finances

The average American has an average of $38,000 in personal debt, based on the data gathered by Northwestern Mutual. If this is a reality that you face, it would be highly prudent to sort out your financial affairs prior to prioritizing your hobbies. There are institutions that can help you sort out and revitalize your credit score so you’ll have more money to go around. Setting a budget can help you determine how much money you can reasonably set aside toward your con expenditures while taking care of your other financial responsibilities.

Catch Early Registration

A con attendant will know that catching discounts is a good way to keep their hobby going. Cons often have a strong online presence to disburse information and facilitate ticket buying for attendants. They will usually have what is commonly known as an “Early Bird Discount” for those that sign up for registration early. The cost of ticket prices can drop to around 10% to 20% off the normal price of the event pass, according to the market data of RainFocus. The early registration normally happens around 10 to 15 weeks prior to the event itself. Being financially responsible for your hobby will mean that you should look out for good deals when they pop up.

Hobby conventions are fun and they let you experience unique sights, crowds, and sounds. However, it is always important to remember that your hobby must not financially ruin you. Keep a tight eye on your funds so you can continue to attend and enjoy your conventions for years to come.