What happens when you mix sugar, spice and everything nice?  What happens when it is all accidentally mixed with… CHEMICAL X?!  You get, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!

Yes, and because of this mishap, the Powerpuff girls have already been born, and with their ultra super powers — BLOSSOM, BUBBLES, AND BUTTERCUP are dedicating their lives to FIGHTING CRIME AND THE FORCES OF EVIL!

What’s that you say?  YOU want to be a Powerpuff Girl as well?  Well, unfortunately, you can’t.  You don’t have super powers!Princess1

Okay, okay Princess Morbucks!  We’ll let you in on a secret…  Cartoon Network has come out with a creative tool that lets you see what you would look like if you lived in a place called Townsville.


You can Powerpuff yourself here! You can personally customize everything from your eyes, to your hair, to your clothes and even accessories!



Once you’re done, you can download it to share on Twitter and Facebook with all of your friends.


Show off your Powerpuff self to your friends and family and be sure to tag us so we can see your cool creation!  Powerpuff Girls is set to begin again on April 4th on Cartoon Network at 6:00pm ET/PT.