New Trailer for ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Looks Grim but Hopeful

As we saw in a previous trailer for the final season, Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Empire are looking to crack down on the Rebellion. This latest trailer for the show’s final season shows that the threat to Sabine and Mandalore may be even more serious than we originally thought.

Thrawn claims to have a weapon that will bring the planet to its knees and swear loyalty to the Empire while we see Sabine mourning a loss. However, Ezra is not ready to give up the fight. He says this is how a rebellion starts – small, with a few people standing together. Bolstered, Sabine leads the charge carrying the Darksaber. The fight is far from over, and the Rebels characters won’t give up easily.

Season 4 of Star Wars: Rebels premieres October 16 with an hour-long episode on Disney XD.