Nathan Fillion

For many sci-fi fans, Firefly was a show ahead of its time, and the fact that it was cancelled after just half a season has only cemented its cult status. The crew members of Serenity reunited a few years later in the movie Serenity, but they have since moved on. Until now, that is.

It’s far from a full reunion, but actor Nathan Fillion while be revising his role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds in a two-episode guest spot on the ABC show American Housewife. The ABC Publicity Twitter account tweeted a set photo of Fillion along with series cast members Katy Mixon and Meg Donnelly that says “Hey look, it’s @NathanFillion with @KatyEMixon & @ImMegDonnelly on the set of @AmericanWifeABC! Stay tuned for more information on Nathan’s upcoming guest starring role (as himself!) in two upcoming episodes of #AmericanHousewife

Fillion also posted a teaser photo on Instagram of his costume along with the caption, Tight, but “like a glove” tight. Seems… right. #americanhousewife“.

Both photos clearly show the iconic red shirt, brown duster jacket, and pants of his renegade ship captain from Firefly. It should be noted that Fillion has said he will be playing himself in American Housewife, so how Captain Mal fits in this remains to be seen.

He has also added several other behind the scenes photos, including more of his wardrobe, a very familiar chair, and on set with Mixon.

An air date for Fillion’s episodes has not yet been announced, but American Housewife airs Wednesdays on ABC at 8:30 Eastern/7:30 Central.

How do you think Mal Reynolds will figure into Fillion’s guest spot? Let us know your thoughts!