Michelle Rodriguez will Not be the Next Green Lantern, But Who Will?

A while ago there were rumors circulating that the Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez would be taking on the role of Green Lantern. Apparently it was only rumor.

TMZ caught up with Michelle and asked her about it, “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Yeah, I think is so stupid to like … because of this whole like minorities in Hollywood thing. But it’s so stupid. Like, stop stealing, you know, all the white people’s superheroes. Like, make up your own. Know what I’m saying? What’s up with that?”

So she is out of the running for the next Green Lantern, but it seems that people are still pretty positive that the next Lantern will be female. Those running on speculation that it will be a female cast in the role are claiming the character will be Jessica Cruz. Yes she is a Green Lantern, but she is a Green Lantern from an alternate earth where Green isn’t fed by will, it is fed by fear.

This is why, I believe, that IF they go with a female Green Lantern it will either be a new one that they create for the movies or it will be Jade aka Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, the daughter of the first human Green Lantern Alan Scott. That would be a fitting tribute to the beginnings of the Green Lantern line, and stay within the boundaries of this reality in the current DC Universe.