Make Your Holiday Exchange a Little Geekier with These Five Great Ideas Under $25

Fun Geeky Gifts Under 25

As much as I hate to say it, Christmas is coming. I try to avoid all mention of it before Thanksgiving, but unfortunately with relatives and friends out of town, and current shipping delays, now is really the time we need to look at shopping. Whether you are looking for the gift exchange with your family or for the office Christmas party, these are some great ideas to keep some fun in it.

Whether it is for the geek in your life or the crazy cat person at work, you can’t go wrong with a few fun gifts that meet most budgets.

Make Your Own Catapult Kit

Kikkerland Newton’s Lab Make Your Own Catapult Kit

Sure, you can use it for educational purposes and learn about gravity and Newton’s first law of inertia, but you know that noone will pay attention to that part. It’s a Catapault! A cardboard catapault! Think of the fun at the office.

This is built from cardboard, elastic bands, metal joints, and one ping-pong ball, all included.

You can get it at BLICK for $15

Pendulum Painting Kit

Kikkerland Newton’s Lab Pendulum Painting Kit

Another fun gizmo that is technically educational. It’s supposed to teach you about the forces of gravity, but what it really does is give you a fun and relaxing drawing tool. It’s make the cool patterns you remember from the Spirograph of your youth. The kit comes with all the materials necessary to complete your project, including die-cut cardboard pieces, string, Blue tempera paint, and a syringe. The assembled piece measures 18″ x 15½” x 9″

You can get it at BLICK for $13

Tiny Baking Kit

SmartLab Tiny Baking Kit

Okay, technically it’s probably for kids, and it’s one again supposed to be educational, but who doesn’t think the tiny food trend it cool? We’ve all seen the teeny tiny cakes and pies made for hamsters. they are fun and adorable.

With this you can make adorable bite-sized snacks and treats. You can make sweet and savory from cupcakes to pizza.

The SmartLab Tiny Baking Kit Includes:
1 Storage tin
1 Rolling pin
3 Wee-spoons
1 Wee knife
1 Pizza/Dough cutter
1 Mixing spoon
1 Mixing bowl
1 Metal pizza/pie pan
1 Pie server
1 Metal sheet pan
1 Silicone tray of cake and cupcake molds
2 Silicone finger mitts
48-page illustrated recipe book

You can get it at BLICK for $19.48

Cute and Creepy Colouring Book

Cute and Creepy Colouring Book

This cute, yet creepy coloring book is fun and relaxing. Enjoy finishing these images by Pop Surrealist artist Camilla d’Errico in this manga-inspired adult coloring book. It is filled with illustrations of ghosts, monster girls, and the undead that are so cute it’s almost scary. Just enough weird to keep you amused.

You can get it at BLICK for $19.48

Great Nudes Heat Changing Mug

Great Nudes Heat Changing Mug

If you have a stuck up office then this might not be the best gift for an office mate, but can they really object to classic works of art?

This mug features 13 classic works of art from the 15th to 20th centuries, all fully clothed, but add a hot beverage and everyone’s clothing magically disappears.

You can get it at BLICK for $16.95 is an affiliate and will make a small percentage off sales on this site.