PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, August 22nd, Conan welcomed
Ice Cube (Big 3),
Lea DeLaria (Orange is the New Black),
and musical guest Jim Lauderdale.

Conan Knows Who Really Wrote President Trump’s Afghanistan Speech:

Conan jokes about President Trump, marijuana beer, and turkey legs.

Secret Service Side Jobs:

The Secret Service is running out of money and now agents
are being forced to landscape and sign-spin to make ends meet.

The Chuck E. Cheese Band Speaks Out:

Chuck E. Cheese is phasing out their animatronic band,
but not before Chuck and the band make their voices heard.

Tom Cruise’s “Risky Business” Injury:

Tom Cruise recently hurt his ankle doing a stunt on the set of “Mission Impossible 6.” It isn’t the first time he’s injured himself on set.

Ice Cube Rolled Up To A Cannabis Festival 90 Minutes Late In A Minivan:

The festival-goers were so lit, they didn’t even realize Ice Cube
was an hour and a half late for his performance.

Ice Cube Got In His First Fight At Age 7:

Let this be a warning to anyone thinking of kicking over Ice Cube’s bicycle.

Ice Cube: I Never Thought I’d Have A Star On The Walk Of Fame:

Ice Cube is honored to be featured on the famous street
and glad his star isn’t in front of a liquor store.

Ice Cube On The BIG3 & 4-Point Shots:

Conan has some ideas for Ice Cube’s 3-on-3 basketball league,
like a cake break whenever someone makes a 4-point shot.

Lea DeLaria On Her “Orange Is The New Black” Love Interest:

“Who the f*** wouldn’t want to go down on Beth Dover?” –
Lea really enjoys working with her love interest on “Orange is the New Black”.

Lea DeLaria Debuts Her New Look:

Lea isn’t sure what’s in the ayahuasca tea in Palm Springs,
but it’s changed her entire life — and style.

Lea DeLaria’s Endorsement Deals:

Lea is happy to endorse vape pens,
but dolphin-shaped dildos are where she draws the line.

Lea DeLaria Wants To Be Part Of Cars Land:

This interview might kill Lea’s chances of getting
her “Cars 3” character Miss Fritter into Cars Land.

Conan Translates Lea DeLaria’s Scat Singing:

Now that Conan has mastered the art of scatting, Lea challenges him to translate.

Jim Lauderdale “You Came To Get Me” 08/22/17:

Americana legend Jim Lauderdale performs a track
off his new album “London Southern.”


On Wednesday, August 23rd, Conan welcomes
Kathy Bates, Seann William Scott,
and comedian Jeff Caldwell.

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