Last Night on CONAN – 6/6/18: Jodie Foster | Flula Borg | Neko Case

Conan 6.6.18

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On Wednesday, June 6th, Conan welcomes
Jodie Foster, Flula Borg, and Neko Case

Conan: Trump Thinks America Kicked Canada’s Ass At Gettysburg:

Conan jokes about the War of 1812, the return of
Melania Trump, and unsafe levels of fecal bacteria.

Trump Releases An Album Of Patriotic Songs:

On the heels of his botched “God Bless America” performance,
President Trump is releasing an album to prove that he
CAN sing patriotic songs completely and accurately.

More Sports Figures Willing To Visit The White House:

A lot of athletes are refusing invitations to the
Trump White House, but not Oscar Pistorius.

Jodie Foster Has A Badass Skull Cane:

Jodie hurt her knee and can now be seen
walking around town with a very snazzy cane.

Jodie Foster Loved Playing Guitar Hero:

Jodie’s sons are now 16 and 20 and too busy eating
saltines to play Guitar Hero with their mom anymore.

Jodie Foster: Jeff Goldblum Is A Walking Lawsuit:

Jodie and Conan talk about their
very touchy-feely friend Jeff Goldblum.

Jodie Foster Wants To Play A Javelin Thrower:

Jodie wants her next acting gig to force her to learn something
new like how to throw a javelin or speak Italian.

Jodie Foster: Dave Bautista Has To Eat All The Time:

Jodie felt bad for her buff “Hotel Artemis” co-star who
was fed a strict diet of boiled eggs and chicken on set.

Flula Borg’s Favorite German Candy Growing Up:

Since he was a young boy in ill-fitting pajamas, Flula has had
a wild look in his eye and penchant for Fazermints.

Flula Borg’s Favorite Action Film Is “Die Hard”:

Flula has read a Wikipedia article on German history, so he understands
why Germans always play the bad guy in Hollywood movies.

Flula Borg Looks Like A Lot Of Famous Art:

Instead of finding out what art looked like him,
Flula made himself into art.

Flula Borg On His New Podcast “Boom Time”:

Podcasts don’t just happen overnight.
It took Flula five years to come up with the title for his.

Neko Case “Bad Luck” 06/06/18:

Neko Case performs a track off her new album Hell-On.


On Thursday, June 7th, Conan welcomes
Kate Mara, Sam Richardson, and Hari Kondabolu

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