Last Night on CONAN – 5/24/17: TJ Miller | Lennon Parham | Missio

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, May 24th, Conan welcomes
T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley),
Lennon Parham (Playing House),
and musical guest Missio.

CONAN Monologue 05/24/17:

Conan jokes about Trumpcare, penis transplants, and Tom Cruise.


Step Aside Tom Cruise, “Top Gun 2” Has A New Leading Man:

Our friend Buddy Pak has a need for speed. Plus, he already made an audition tape.


T.J. Miller Parasailed Into Cannes & Confused Tilda Swinton:

T.J. dropped by the illustrious film festival to premiere the trailer for “The Emoji Movie” and confuse Conan’s doppelgänger.


T.J. Miller Tried To Explain “Gorburger” To Al Gore:

The creators of “Gorburger” came up with the character’s name
while they discussing hamburgers and Al Gore. Also they were high.


Conan Interviews Gorburger:

The alien talk show host opens up to Conan about his hatred of T.J. Miller and love of bloodlust.


Baristas Think Lennon Parham’s Name Is “Legend”:

You wouldn’t believe how many baristas write “Legend” on Lennon’s coffee cups.


Lennon Parham: Channing Tatum Cures Writer’s Block:

Nothing gets Lennon charged up like seeing Channing Tatum grinding on a sawhorse to “Pony.”


Don’t Mess With Lennon Parham:

Lennon’s stunt fighting training has convinced her she can take anyone.


Missio “Middle Fingers” 05/24/17:

Missio perform the single off their album Loner.


On Thursday, May 25th, Conan welcomes
The Cast of Veep:
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, Anna Chlumsky, Reid Scott,
Matt Walsh, Kevin Dunn, Gary Cole, and Sam Richardson
and musical guest Mastodon.