Last Night on CONAN – 5/2/18: Aubrey Plaza | Jason George | Marlon Williams

Conan 5.2.18

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On Wednesday, May 2nd, Conan welcomes
Aubrey PlazaJason George, and Marlon Williams

Conan: Trump Has Avoided All-Out War With North Korea & Melania:

Conan jokes about Kanye West,
Bill Cosby, and Dobby the house-elf.

Even More Faked Wildlife Photos:

It’s hard to tell with the naked eye, but if you look closely
you’ll notice that these wildlife photos were faked.

Give Your Mom Modest Expectations This Mother’s Day:

This Mother’s Day, let Modest Expectations
put in the bare minimum for you.

Conan Plays “3 About Me” With The Studio Audience:

Conan learns fun facts about audience members’
allergies, tattoos, and sex cult affiliations.

Aubrey Plaza Is More Famous Than Joe Biden:

The people of Delaware think Aubrey is more famous
than the former Vice President of the United States.

Aubrey Plaza Thinks Witchy Things Are Going On In Delaware:

Aubrey’s mom used to drive her down Devil’s Road
in Delaware to see “the baby sacrificing tree.”

Aubrey Plaza Explains The Origins Of Her @EvilHag Handle:

Aubrey’s @EvilHag handle was inspired by the blog she
used to write from the point of a view of a sea witch.

Aubrey Plaza Has A Hard Time Explaining “Legion”:

Aubrey’s FX show is a superhero story, but also a
“psychedelic journey into another dimension of time and space.”

Jason George Is Not A Real Doctor:

If you see Jason on a flight, please remember that he is
just an actor and is not qualified to treat an ill passenger.

Jason George Got His Big Break In A ’90s Soap Opera:

Jason landed his role in “Sunset Beach”
at The King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia.

Jason George & Conan Compare Snoop Dogg Stories:

Spoiler alert: Both involve a lot of smoke and some fire.

Marlon Williams “What’s Chasing You” 05/02/18:

Marlon performs a track off his album Make Way For Love.



On Thursday, May 3rd, Conan welcomes
Jenna ElfmanRory Scovel, and Robby Slowik

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