Conan 2.5.18

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On Monday, February 5th, Conan welcomed
Bill BurrChelsea Peretti, and Seann Walsh

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Conan On The Truth About The Eagles Fan Who Ate Horse Poop:

Conan jokes about the Super Bowl, police horses, and horse poop.

Abreva’s Super Bowl Commercial:

The Vince Lombardi Trophy wasn’t the only thing
the Eagles picked up at the Super Bowl.

Andy’s Anti-Avocado Rant:

Andy Richter is sick of avocados’ aggressive marketing tactics.
But that doesn’t mean he’s above shilling for them.

Tony The Cameraman’s Unbelievably Accurate Super Bowl Predictions:

How the heck did Tony the Cameraman predict that
the Old Spice Guy would show up in an ad for Tide detergent?

Bill Burr On The Patriots’ Super Bowl Loss:

The Patriots lost and now Bill Burr wants to stay inside until baseball season.

Bill Burr Got In Trouble For Making Fun Of The Military:

You can’t make jokes about the military, fat people,
or sexual harassment — but that’s not stopping Bill Burr.

Bill Burr Wants To Yell At Other People’s Kids:

Bill Burr thinks he’s lucky to have a little girl,
because boys are maniacs who throw rocks at cars.

Bill Burr Plays Himself In Everything:

Bill Burr doesn’t want to be the next Anthony Hopkins,
he just wants to play a believable Bostonian.

Bill Burr Is Suspicious Of All Technology:

Bill Burr thinks sending your saliva to
is akin to helping the Illuminati finish your robot replacement.

Chelsea Peretti & Jordan Peele Eloped With Their Dog To Big Sur:

Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele eloped to Big Sur,
accompanied only by their dog and a justice of the peace named Soaring.

Chelsea Peretti Doesn’t Trust Her Mom To Babysit:

Chelsea Peretti compares a grandmother babysitting to
a rock star from the ’80s recording an album with no vocal training.

How Chelsea Peretti Has Benefitted From The #MeToo Movement:

Chelsea Peretti has noticed an uptick in people watching her Netflix special.
She chalks it up to viewers “searching for people who aren’t rapists.”

Seann Walsh’s Illegal Downloading Days:

Seann Walsh is jealous of young people who don’t know the pain
of waiting a week for “X-Men: 2” to download on Limewire.

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On Tuesday, February 6th, Conan welcomes
Laurence Fishburne, Nicole Byer, and musical guest Liza Anne

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