Last Night on CONAN – 1/17/18: Molly Shannon | Aaron Sorkin | Mo Welch

Conan 1.18.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, January 17th, Conan welcomes
Molly Shannon, Aaron Sorkin, and Mo Welch.

Conan: Melania Likes To Go To Bed Disguised As A Salad:

Conan jokes about Trump’s weight, physical exam, and cheeseburger habit.

Conan Introduces Himself To The People Of Haiti:

Before Conan leaves for Haiti, he wants to introduce himself the Haitian people —
with a little help from a French Creole translator.

Trump’s Doctor Has His Own TV Ad:

Dr. Ronny Jackson is such a good doctor, every single one of his patients has a clean bill of health.

BuzzFeed Is Running Out Of Lists: Litterbox Friends Edition:

The One Where Joey Tribbiani Shows Up In Your Cat’s Litterbox.

Conan Announces The Air Date For #ConanHaiti:

#ConanHaiti premieres Saturday, January 27th at 10pm.
In the meantime, follow Conan’s trip to Haiti on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter .
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Molly Shannon: Heather Graham Wants To Date Conan:

According to Molly Shannon,
her good friend Heather Graham thinks Conan is a total babe.

Molly Shannon Tried To Get Laughs At Church:

To amuse themselves at church growing up,
Molly and her sister used to pretend to be each other’s doting mothers.

Molly Shannon Was A Serial Masturbator:

Molly Shannon grew up Catholic and went to confession every week guilty of the same sin.

Molly Shannon’s Oldest, Creepiest Fan:

A woman in her 70’s approached Molly Shannon and claimed to have been
a fan of Molly’s since her childhood. Molly’s not sure that math checks out.

Molly Shannon’s Real Life “Sex In The City” Moment With Sarah Jessica Parker:

Molly Shannon has been to dinner with Sarah Jessica Parker,
and can report that the real-life Carrie really does drink cosmopolitans.

Aaron Sorkin Got Woke At The Golden Globes:

Aaron sat with Jessica Chastain, Greta Gerwig, Saoirse Ronan, Gal Gadot, and Molly Bloom
– so by the end of the night he was fully woke.

Aaron Sorkin Has Strong Feelings About Pop-Tarts:

Aaron Sorkin doesn’t want to be too divisive,
but he needs to speak his truth about his Pop-Tarts preference.

Aaron Sorkin Delivered Singing Telegrams:

Aaron Sorkin used to deliver singing telegrams in a white and red striped jacket.
Every day he feared meeting the woman of his dreams in that outfit.

Aaron Sorkin: David Fincher Was My Yoda For “Molly’s Game”:

Aaron Sorkin had such trouble directing his own dialogue-heavy dialogue in “Molly’s Game,”
he had to turn to “The Social Network” director for advice.

Mo Welch: You Aren’t A Real Feminist Unless You Know All The WNBA Teams:

Luckily, Mo Welch knows a song that helps you remember all the WNBA teams —
except the Washington Mystics. They didn’t fit in the song.


On Thursday, January 18th, Conan welcomes
Anderson Cooper, Selma Blair, and Grizzly Bear.

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