This morning, I went to certify for my unemployment benefits when I noticed something unusual up in the top right corner.

I had seen the translator before, but this morning it caught my eye. I never realized that I could submit my unemployment in Klingon.


The Klingon option was there, so why not give it a whirl? And it worked…the page (or most of it) was translated to Klingon

I realize that the government doesn’t actually do their own translation. In fact, if you look at the translated page, you will notice that it is Microsoft translator. They even have a disclaimer regarding the translator;

Also, if you hang on the page for a few seconds, you will notice that the multiple language options mostly disappear. You are left with ‘Simplified Chinese’, ‘Polish’, ‘Russian’, and ‘Spanish.’

Sort of takes the fun out of it, but for amusement, I translated that to Klingon too.