[Kickstarter Spotlight] Pet Evil – The Explosive Card Game

Build Rockets, Annihilate Your Friends and Claim World
Domination in the Hysterical New Strategy Game “Pet Evil”

Welcome to another edition of PopCultHQ’s Kickstarter Spotlight! Today, we put the spotlight on an incredible game currently being crowdfunded by Studio 71…Pet Evil!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if cute, cuddly animals had access to nuclear weapons? The answer, of course, is adorable mutually assured destruction – and that’s exactly what you get from the new game Pet Evil!

Pet Evil is a hilarious strategic card game all about world domination, where your pets are in command. The goal of the game? Scavenge rocket components, build the ultimate weapon to blast your opponents away and be the last pet standing!

Pet Evil is being produced by Studio 71 Games (the same folks behind card and trivia game hits The Binding of Issac, Joking Hazard and Half Truth) and will have its second Kickstarter run featuring updated game mechanics and card designs. When fully funded, the game will be available in early 2020.

Pet Evil is the devious brainchild of our designer Joe Liano. Joe’s been hard at work designing and illustrating the game over the last two years and now it’s ready to be launched to success.

Pet Evil started as a simple card matching game hand drawn on blank playing cards. After hundreds of playtests by industry professionals and gamers alike, the game has evolved to mix the best of family party games with set collecting strategy.

Once the prototype was complete, Joe set out to illustrate his cute furry pets engaged in all out warfare. The games theme illustrates the endless backyard mayhem of your pets battling for supreme rule before you make it home.

Once all that was done, Joe met up with the awesome people at Studio 71. They loved the game so much that they wanted to help share it with the world. Now all we need is your help to dominate our next mission… the first print run.

So if you like the game, what are you waiting for, help support this crowdfund today and go pledge!

You start by drawing, swapping or stealing cards to create sets of components. Then, using the most powerful combination of warheads, explosives and rockets, build a missile and fire it at one of your friends. The friend you choose to hit will lose health and fall closer to being blasted out of the game. To aid in your victory, there are health packs, treaties, shelters, wild cards, deflection of sabotage cards. Collect them along with the basic component cards to dominate your frenemies. Do you have what it takes to be the last one standing in this delightfully apocalyptic game?

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Pet Evil is not just the hard work of Joe Liano. It’s a collaboration between many amazing people that work for these awesome companies. For total transparency we want you to know everyone who’s working on the project. We fully trust our partners to deliver you the best experience possible. Here’s a little about them:

Studio71 Games is behind successful Kickstarter projects for tabletop games such as Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, Shady Agents, Joking Hazard, and recently, Half Truth. Studio71 Games provides a suite of services including crowdfunding, marketing, PR, product development, manufacturing, distribution and licensing.

GamesQuest is a European fulfilment service that have ship thousands of parcels to people all around the world each year. We’ve been working closely with GamesQuest for over a year to spread the word of Pet Evil as far as we could. We can’t thank them enough for the hard work they have provided.

So  check out Pet Evil NOW! and join the 150+ backers who have already jumped at owning this fun & exciting game! And be sure to follow Pet Evil across social media:

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