Jason David Frank Video Response vs CM Punk! Plus PopCultHQ’s Interview with JDF!

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Jason David Frank’s response to CM Punk’s C2E2 comments:

Now I have actually interviewed Jason David Frank twice and I tried to interview CM Punk at the very same C2E2 in which he made the inflammatory comments seen in the video above. I did not know about all the questions CM Punk was asked during C2E2 and I can fully understand his stance and reply to me on the final hours on the very last day of C2E2.

CM Punk – “I am all interviewed out dude, but thanks for asking.” 

But this battle of words is what I wanted to clear up with CM Punk, if we would have gotten to interview. As our followers of PopcultHQ know we don’t do rumor or speculation articles; we get down to the real truth of the matter without having to add “click bait” headlines or soundbites that makes people go “ooooh” or “ahhhhh”.

I wanted to tell CM Punk just what JDF and I have spoken on record and get an actual response to a real challenge from a real MMA fighter. This was in no way meant to be hype article, as I told CM Punk since I knew just how picky he is with his interviews. I would have told CM Punk that Jason David Frank is a proficiently trained martial artist not just some TV stunt kid as he tries to make fun of in the C2E2 video. This is what I would have told Punk….

JDF and I from Wizard World Chicago August 2014:

Manny – How long have you been martial arts training?

Jason David Frank – “I first started at the age of 4 and now I’m 41……”


 JDF and I from Wizard World Madison February 2015:

Manny – So last year we spoke about your training from a young age. Since then Punk has been signed on with UFC and the challenge was put out there by you to fight him. You really want to get at this guy, right?

Jason David Frank – “Yeah I do and if it’s not him then we are working on negotiating another fight and it’s gonna be huge.”

Manny – Don’t you feel kinda slighted that this guy is coming out of WWE and he’s got no real fighting background and he gets a shot by Dana White?! To me it’s like this is all hype from their side while you are stepping up and want to show what you can bring to the MMA table?

Jason David Frank – “Yeah, well UFC is one of the deadliest sports there is. It’s all good…..I’m happy for him. I’m just hoping he’ll pick me” 

Manny ‘Well, if he fights you, I personally think you’re going to kick his ass! You told me since 4 years old you’ve been training with your martial arts.

That is what I honestly think and I would have said that to CM Punk, that JDF would kick his ass. Alas, none of this will ever be put to rest unless it’s in the octagon cage. Until Dana White pulls his head out of CM Punk’s hype filled ass to get this fight done, there is nothing more I want as a fan of MMA. With the training, JDF has proven to have and actually did real fighting in a ring.  CM Punk having to take MONTHS to just get into MMA fighting shape should speak volumes alone on how CM Punk is NOT ready to be in a MMA ring with real trained fighters. I never took Jason David Frank as a “stalker” trying to get a fight done or even trying to get “more press” off of CM Punk. Jason has asked for this fight from day one of CM making his announcement, but to this day Punk has yet to even set a single UFC fight date. Each one of them is very popular in the pop culture worlds they each hail from so the fact CM Punk gets asked a lot of questions about someone else is something he better get used to in a real sports world. If CM Punk is too busy writing (which I see a lot of comic book fans not liking) comic books for Marvel, he should have never announced joining the UFC if he is not going to take up a legitimate challenger. If CM Punk beats JDF then he deserves to be in the UFC ring….if CM loses, then it would be clear he should have stayed in a WWE ring.