Invisible, Inc. – A Turn-Based Game That May Fulfill Your Inner Agent


Brought to you by the creators of Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together, comes a new game with just as much intriguing artistic approach — Invisible, Inc.

After releasing the popular and addicting Don’t Starve games, one might hold high expectations for Klei Entertainment‘s newly released game.  From the trailer, we can see it possibly reaching those expectations.  The turn-based game allows players to play as Invisible’s agents.  Their task is to “infiltrate the world’s most dangerous corporations”.  The tasks seem tricky, but if players are up to it and are skillful enough, they can profit immensely, but one wrong move could compromise the entire mission.

The game has some awesome features, some of which are seen to be consistent with the Don’t Starve games, such as the randomly generated world.  Each game play-through will be in different locations with different threats to keep players on their toes.  This definitely helps change up the game each time it is played and if it is as addicting as Don’t Starve, gamers will be far from bored.

Along with that, the game features five different game modes.  The creators didn’t hesitate to add even more customization options for players when it came to their games or in-game builds.

Invisible, Inc. is now available on Steam.  Check out the game’s trailer and let us know what you think in the comments below!