Introducing ConTV With Jason David Frank: ‘Tommy’ The Green Ranger!

At this year’s Wizard World Madison Comic Con, I spoke with Power Rangers great Jason David Frank about his involvement in Wizard Worlds new venture called ConTV!!

First, let me explain what ConTV is going to be all about. ConTV is an online digital network service created for the devoted fans of comic books, pop culture and the entertainment world. With Wizard World’s exclusive connections in the convention circuit, ConTV will bring you the latest news right off the Wizard World convention floor! There will also be original programming featuring the outstanding talents of Wizards World’s eye-popping show line-up like Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Jason David Frank (Tommy – The Green Ranger) and Bruce Campbell hosting his new game show.

While speaking with Jason David Frank at Wizard World Madison in February, it was clearly evident that JDF was more than excited for the ConTV to launch!

PopCult : I’ve been reading up on ConTV and I see all your Green Ranger webseries is moving over to it, how’s the transition?

Jason David Frank: “Yeah, my reality show ‘My Morphing Life‘ is going to be on ConTV as well as lots of different stuff. It’s a 24 hour network for Con goers. It will be available anytime you want…tune it in watch your favorite shows. Watch ‘My Morphing Life’ first then watch the other shows! (Laughing) Just kidding!” 

With a very diverse digital catalog of over 1,200 must-watch titles, included, but not limited to, original series, cult television shows and films of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, grindhouse, martial arts action, and more. All of this content will be available on-demand either in a free, ad-supported format or a low cost, subscription-based model or $6.99/month for premium content.

The digital service promises to bring fans their favorite films, television series, comics, behind the scenes access to Wizard World conventions and a whole lot more.

What can be found on ConTV?

My Morphing Life with Jason David Frank
Last Fan Standing with Bruce Campbell
-Exclusive Wizard World Con videos of celebrity panels
-Cult movies
-Cult TV shows
-More to be announced!!

ConTV can be found at:

Also available across a wide spectrum of devices including Roku, Apple iOS, Android, and other digital media.

Really the thing that’s going to bring in the people over and over again is the con floor coverage with celebrity panels, the original content and the great cartoon line-up already scheduled to appear!! If you are a fan of classic cartoons for those vintage cartoon connoisseurs, am I going to make your day. ConTV will have you covered with loads of classic cartoons including Classic He-Man!