Iconic Movie Cars That Gained A Cult Following

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Almost everyone who got to watch an iteration of Batman either on the big screen or TV has dreamt of one day owning or riding a Batmobile. However, only a select few will get to purchase a version of the iconic vehicle. This is precisely what Rick Champagne did as he bought Adam West’s Batmobile for $4.6 million. Imagine the envied looks Champagne will get if he takes this iconic vehicle around different Comic Cons across America, especially if he put together an accurate costume to match the car. The Batmobile is just one of the many iconic cars protagonists in blockbuster movies and TV series. This led to the cars’ increased demand and value even if their films were shown decades ago. Here are three of the most sought-after iconic cars by their fans.  

Back To The Future- 1981 DeLorean DMC-12

The DeLorean was the stainless-steel futuristic two-passenger sports coupe used in the Back to the Future movie franchise starring 1980s teen idol Michael J. Fox. This vehicle could travel through time as it reaches 88 mph in the movie. While the time-travel franchise hit big on theatres, the sales of the DeLorean was far from spectacular. Consumers claim that the vehicle offered a less-than-satisfying driving experience and that the stainless-steel bodywork attracts messy fingerprints. Likewise, the first production of the DeLorean featured a not-so-powerful 130HP 2.85L V6 engine. Nevertheless, this iconic car had a strong cult following which prompted the DeLorean Manufacturing Company (DMC) to manufacture modern DeLorean units with more powerful 350 HP engines.

Die-hard fans and those who love a challenge will usually purchase a sporty two door vehicle, such as a coupe, and turn it into a replica of this iconic car for nostalgia’s sake. However, those with money to spare can now buy replicas of their favorite movie cars since a rule allowing low volume vehicle manufacturers to produce replicas has been finalized in 2021. This means you may get your very own DeLorean by the fourth quarter of 2022 or 2023, and the DMC is expected to build around 325 cars per year at $100,000 each.

John Wick- 1969 Mustang Mach 1 or Boss 429

One badass car showcased in recent films is the 1969 Mustang owned by Keanu Reeves’ character in John Wick. While it is debatable whether the film used a Boss 429 or a 69 Mustang Mach 1, it did manage to show the power and maneuverability of its 500HP engine as Wick practiced his performance driving around a wet airport parking lot with lots of obstacles along the way. Diehard John Wick fans can now purchase recreations of the Mustang Mach 1 for $169k.

Ghostbusters- 1959 Cadillac Series 75 Commercial Chassis

Ghostbusters became the second-biggest movie of 1984 and was considered one of the first blockbusters. Thirty years after, the original film was followed by a sequel, a 2016 female-empowered reboot, and a legitimate third instalment to the first two movies. While this franchise had many big-name stars, one of its main attractions is Ecto-1, a 1959 Commercial Chassis Cadillac the Ghostbusters used to transport their gear around while fighting the supernatural around New York. This wagon featured big fins and rear-wheel bonnets similar to the Eldorado. It also has a 6.4-litre V8 engine. Although Ecto-1 is a big car, it is easy to drive and maneuver. Ecto-1 had a strong cult following; fans are willing to pay upwards of $50,000 for a Cadillac shell of the correct year and spend another $100k to create an exact movie replica with it.  

There are a lot of cars that gained iconic status after being featured in blockbuster movies. Owning one can give you a sense of pride and help you live out your wildest dreams on the road, whether that’s being Batman, Marty McFly, or a Ghostbuster.