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Throughout the remainder of the year, lots of amazing comic book conventions are going to be taking place up and down the country, from Flame Con (New York) to Fan Expo (San Francisco). With so much excitement going on, it’s important to try and get tickets to at least one of these events. If you can go with a group of friends, even better.

Now, whether you’re a convention veteran or a total beginner, it’s important that you get the most out of your next convention. After all, when you’re paying the ticket admission prices, it’s only right that you get good value for money, right?

To help you out, this guide is jam-packed with tips designed for you to enjoy your next comic book convention.


1: Carry a Smartphone Charger with You

First, let’s start with an obvious one: carry a smartphone charger and power bank with you.

Conventions are usually quite long and can last all day. When this is the case, your smartphone’s battery will start to run out as the hours go by, which is something you want to avoid! With this in mind, the solution is to carry a smartphone charger with you.

When your smartphone has all the juice it needs, you can use it to get directions, take selfies, and even play games mid-convention. In fact, if you go to any comic book convention, you’ll notice a lot of people are walking around playing games on their smartphones. Crowd favourites at the moment include Pokémon GO and the best online casinos for Australians. Games like slots and roulette are perfect for conventions, particularly during those moments when you’re sitting down for a break.

2: Stay Hydrated

Inside the convention building, you might find that it gets a little warm due to the sheer volume of comic book fans that are attending. To combat this, you need to stay hydrated. A water bottle in your backpack should do the job.

3: Dress Up However You Like!

At most conventions – especially comic book ones – people will attend in fancy dress. For example, you’re almost guaranteed to see Spider-Man, Batman, and Wonder Woman at least 100 times during the day.

So, whoever your favourite comic book or movie character is, make sure to order their outfit online so that you can wear it in attendance.

4: Meet Your Favorite People

Depending on the convention that you go to, there’ll likely be some celebrities there, or famous comic book authors doing ‘meet and greets’. Providing you have tickets in advance, you’ll be able to go to the meet and greets to ask for selfies and autographs if they’re part of the package you purchased. For example, Henry Cavill (Super Man) has attended Comic Con before to meet his thousands of fans! Sadly, though, he didn’t attend Comic Con this year.

5: Buy Merchandise

As the old saying goes, you only live once.

Whilst at your comic book convention, treat yourself to some merchandise that’s on sale. Sure, it might be a little expensive (most convention merchandise is), but it’s worth it in the end.

Keep your eyes out for t-shirts and hats if you want to get some slightly cheaper and affordable merchandise!

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