pop culture globalization

The internet has drastically affected the spread of pop culture as well as the actual content of this global pop culture. Pop culture is generally recognized as the societal practices that most of a particular society engage in, concerning the music, art, clothing, and entertainment that they access and use. This article looks at those aspects of the online space that have begun to form the basis of a global popular culture.


The Japanese animation or cartoon and comic scene have been around for ages, but it is only recently and arguably the spread and ease of internet access that has led to this form of entertainment and cartoon genre reaching global popular culture status. There are now so many genres within anime and it has a worldwide following for certain series and some characters and creators alike have acquired cult status.

Adventure and Fantasy Games

Regardless of where you are from, creed, race, culture, and gender, the online gaming culture and genre of games now available will allow you to be whoever you want to and engage in some of the most outlandish adventures and quests that you could imagine. This type or genre of game has taken the online space by storm and what was once a niche sector has gone mainstream online.

The Online Casino Games

Casinos have always been regarded as the preserve of those who could afford to visit them and there was a class and affordability barrier for many. The internet has democratized Vegas and seen the boom of the online casino sector. The glitz and glamor, lights, and action are akin to what is portrayed in the best land-based casinos, and yet, you can access the best real money casino from the comfort of your own home.

Music Has Gone Global

The fact that there is no longer the need to buy actual music and that music is now accessed and listened to via online streaming services means that it has gone global. You no longer need to be part of a social group to access music culture, but rather an online tribe that could encompass people from around the globe. Music can so easily be shared and enjoyed on social media and via smart mobile devices, if you have the internet. Music is still the soundtrack for life, and now that most of this life is lived online, it means that our music is increasingly a shared experience through the new normal way of living and socializing online.

The online space has been so important in breaking down barriers between creeds, cultures, genders, and races and is arguably one of the most integrated and inclusive spaces that we have for media and entertainment. This inclusivity has seen the rise of a global pop culture where we listen to, play, and interact with in similar ways through the games and social media aspects of the internet that we all use and have come to depend on.

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