Harrison Ford – Actor, Producer…Traffic Director?

harrison ford traffic cop

You might know him as Han SoloIndiana Jones, or from a million other big movies, but on Sunday morning (Monday according to some sources) he took on a new role. Harrison Ford starred as the ‘Traffic Director’ in New York.

Harrison Ford as the Traffic Director

Video footage of the 75-year old celeb shows the Blade Runner actor in the middle of the street yelling at drivers as he redirects traffic.

The chauffeured Mercedes got stuck in a traffic jam near the entrance of the Queens-Midtown Tunnel on Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan. Mr. Ford got frustrated and decided to take things into his own hands. He got out of his vehicle, stood in the middle of the road and directed vehicles. He directed several vehicles until he could get his own free of the jam, then continued on his merry way.

What would your reaction be if you saw him directing you out of a traffic jam? I’d probably be shocked and grateful. Actually, I probably wouldn’t have had believed it was him.