Move over Iron Man, there’s a new witty hero in town!

It has been announced that Han Solo, the one who arguably shot first, will be get his own comic series set during the time between the original Star Wars (1977) and The Empire Strikes Back.

Written by Marjorie Liu (Astonishing X-Men), the infamous, cocky smuggler will find who he really is in this series set to be released in June.  Liu told Entertainment News,

“This is a Han Solo who doesn’t quite know who he is anymore… He doesn’t think about politics, and suddenly he’s thrust into this life-or-death struggle for beliefs he didn’t even know he cared about — and it has changed him. He doesn’t want to believe 
that change, but he has.”

It has been reported that fans should expect to get a glimpse of a race known as the Dragon Void Run — a race Solo has dreamed of partaking in and just when he is about to seize the opportunity, Leia puts him on an important mission.  Poor Solo finds himself trying to expose those who are betraying the Rebellion.

“He finally gets
 the chance, except there’s a catch: Leia thinks there are spies in the Rebellion, and she doesn’t dare send anyone else to retrieve these vital informants who are on various planets in the system.”



What’s so great is that Liu sounds like she has Solo’s character down…  All from his big headed personality down to his moral code.  She told EW,

“Han Solo has always been — and I think for a lot of people, too — this iconic character who’s the absolute definition of cool. He’s just a total badass. He has no super powers, but he’s streetwise, he’s tough, he’s brave, he’s a survivor. He’s not righteous, but he’s got his own moral code that reflects his basic decency, but he’s not the sugary type. He’s got this hard shell and can be a total jerk. What I always loved was if you earn his loyalty, his friendship, and his love, he became a total softie.”


Liu revealed that she is being “let loose” with the writing along with the fact that we will be seeing Solo’s co-pilot and best friend, Chewie (Chewbacca), the Wookiee warrior.

The comic book series is set to release five issues with the first being this year, June 2016.  Other characters from The Force Awakens are also reported to have comics released later this year.

What do you Star Wars fans think?  Will you pick up all of the comic books?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!