It’s that time of year again, Halloween is fast approaching. Whether you are a cosplayer, a parent, or just out to have a good time, you should probably start thinking about costumes.

Your costume needs will vary, some are for a child trick-or-treating, others want it for the parent accompanying them. Some costumes are for contest entries, others for bars, events, and parties. Then there are the costumes that are there just to answer the door on Halloween. I think most of us agree that we want inexpensive, but we also want the wow factor.

Wolverine can be one of these simple, inexpensive costumes. He hasn’t worn spandex for a long time, so you might have a lot of the clothes in your closet.  The only standards are facial hair and claws.

The Many Costumes of Logan aka Wolverine

The Q has a great YouTube tutorial on how to make functioning Wolverine Claws out of Popsicle sticks.All you need are 15 popsicle sticks, 6 rubber bands, piece of paper and glue! It’s very simple and you get a great looking prop that gives you that Wow! factor.

How to Make Functioning Wolverine Claws

Keep in mind that this is not a costume piece that you can send to school with your child, in fact you might want to check the rules before you wear it to most public events.