‘Fraggle Rock’ Returns to HBO

If you were a child of the ‘80s then you remember Fraggle Rock, and you may even have the theme song stuck in your head now. This wonderful show lasted over five seasons and 96 episodes and introduced kids to all music genres including folk, blues, gospel, country, and rock, while encouraging friendship, tolerance, diversity, and caring for the environment.

If you weren’t a child of the 80’s…. Fraggle Rock was the home of the cave-dwelling Fraggles, the tiny construction working Doozers, and the garden-loving Gorgs. To them, the outside world was “outer space” where a curious dog and his kindly owner lived.

It featured a variety of Jim Henson muppets who lived and played together.

All 96 episodes of Jim Henson’s creation are being remastered, converted to HD and then returning to HBO, where it all started, later this year.

A news release by Jim Henson Co.’s Richard Goldsmith, executive vice president of global distribution stated, “In remastering the series, illuminate has created a contemporary look for the series with meticulous attention paid to every detail — sharpening the images, cleaning up the contrast, increasing the vibrancy of the colors and re-formatting for wide-screen — all under the careful supervision of Brian Henson.

Personally, I can’t wait to see it. I am delighted that they are remastering the series and not recreating. Too often the remakes fall flat, and don’t have the same magic we remembered.

PopCultHQ will keep you posted as to a possible release date and as more information becomes available.