One of the best parts of our society is its diversity. Not just in personalities, skin color, or nationalities, but in body shapes. Each person is unique in how they are built and that gives you your own power.

When we see superheroes in pop culture, many of the women are thin, and the men are muscular. Brazilian artist Edull has created a series of fan art that re-imagines some of your favorite superheroes as plus-size women. On the collection, he had this to say,

“This collection is called Power. The inspiration and the goal is to show (and encourage) the women’s power. They are real women. And they don’t gained superpowers by chemical accidents, laboratory experiments or came from another planet. They were born with their power naturally. The power that all women have. And I want to show this incredible diversity of races, styles and colors, each one has their own power and use it in their own way. I want to show that all women are powerful and make them reflect: “What is my power?” What’s better on me? ” So… SHOW YOUR POWER! 😀”

The characters chosen for the collection span both Marvel and DC, including Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Iron Man, Superman, Catwoman, Storm, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, and Wolverine. While some of the characters have swapped genders, the collection also features the heroes with diverse nationalities.

In the About section of his website, the artist talks about using his works to increase society’s acceptance of diversity – not only in skin color, but also different body types, particularly those of plus-size women, and body positivity.

You can see more of Edull’s work on his website, Facebook page, and Instagram.