Dragon Con has become one of the largest conventions in the country; covering the five host hotels, as well as the Americas Mart and much of downtown Atlanta during Saturday morning’s parade. It has truly become a convention of epic properties, with this year’s attendance estimated to be upwards of 82,000 people. Even with such high attendance numbers, obviously not everyone who wishes to can attend nor is it possible for attendees to see everything available at the convention.

That’s where DragonConTV comes it. In years past, it was a channel available to those staying in the host hotels airing select panels from main programming, a selection of fan-produced content from volunteers and fans, news updates from the convention, and major events (such as the parade, Masquerade, Friday night Costume Contest, and wrestling). That way if attendees didn’t want to fight the crowds for a certain event or simply needed a break, they didn’t have to feel like they were missing out.

But this year, DragonConTV is now offering a streaming option both for members (attendees) and non-members. Members who are on-site at the convention can purchase this streaming option for $10 in On-Site Registration and the Dragon Con store. Non-members can purchase a streaming membership for $30 directly from https://dragoncon.tv/. The service will offer live streaming from the Hyatt Centennial II/III and Marriott Atrium ballrooms, as well as rebroadcasts of panels from the new Hilton Salon ballrooms, Westin Peachtree, and Hyatt Regecy 6/7 ballrooms. Streaming will begin Thursday, August 31st at 12:00pm EDT and will conclude Monday, September 4th at 2:00pm EDT.

Even if you’re not able to stay glued to your laptop all weekend to watch everything going on, all DragonConTV memberships allows subscribers to access content for three months after the convention, as well as content from past conventions. All modern web browsers will support streaming as well as any phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection.

Are you attending Dragon Con this year? Will you be making use of the convention’s new streaming service? Let us know in the comments!

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