Doc Brown and Marty McFly Reunite to Fuel Toyota Mirai with Trash!

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In Back to the Future film franchise we got to see many predictions to the future and technology, of which many have not come to fruition. One of the very reasons Director Robert Zemeckis didn’t want to make a story in the future in the first place, was that many ‘predictions get mis-represented’. Few things we know for sure didn’t come true – the Cubs will not win the World Series, there are no flying cars and the most disappointing to me is no instant hydo-pizza from Pizza Hut.

At the same there are some predictions that have actually come true. 3D movies being the rage at the cinemas, while ours is not as advanced, who could forget the “Jaws 19” CGI attacking Mcfly in middle of the street of BTTF2. “Still looks fake” McFly remarks brushing it off. We do have internet glasses, even thought they are not as cheap as they were in movie, with a common teenager owning a pair. There is a prototype hoverboard that has been tested by skateboard great Tony Hawk, and I’m not talking about the fake hoverboard video he did. And sneaker king Nike is still saying they also have an almost working prototype of laceless sneaker, not just the ones they made aesthetically sold for charity.

The newest truthful prediction came today on Back to the Future Day – October 21st, 2015 – the very day Doc Brown (Christopher Lloydand Marty McFly (Michael J. Foxcame Back to the Future to 2015!


At the end of the first Robert Zemeckis cult classic movie, Marty McFly is shown the new and improved time machine that runs on a converted Mr. Fusion that turns grabage into the fuel needed In order to travel through time. The vehicle integrated with the flux capacitor needed to be traveling at 88 mph (140.8 km/h), and required 1.21 gigawatts of power (1,210,000,000 watts), originally supplied by a plutonium-powered nuclear reactor. Since all that science is a bit too dangers for the average day traveler in today’s time, Toyota has an all new technology that is almost ready, for today is the now the future!


Watch as two Back to the Future icons Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, learn how trash can be turned into fuel for a car! See more of them and the future becoming reality. #BTTF

Watch out, Mr. Fusion. We’re using trash to fuel a ‪#‎ToyotaMirai‬

The Science Behind Fueled by the Future | Back to the Future | Presented by Toyota Mirai – Discover more at #BTTF

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