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With all the hype going on for the live-action movies that Disney will be releasing, it is not surprising that they are going to go ahead and continue to excite us all with the announcement of yet another live-action movie.  The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Mulan will be Disney’s newest project adding on to the growing list of movies like; Beauty and the BeastJungle Book, and a sequel to their release of Alice in Wonderland

A live action movie for Cinderella recently hit theaters this month which topped out at $132.5 million and with all of the early marketing being done for their yet to be released live-action movies, we can expect all future projects to do just as well if not better.

Writers Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek were brought onto Disney’s team in order to bring the Chinese legend, Hua Mulan, to life.  Disney had featured her in an animated film which debuted in 1998.  The movie portrays the legendary heroine taking action in disguising herself as a man in order to take her father’s place in the war with the Chinese army against the merciless Huns.  This animated movie reached $304.3 million worldwide, was nominated for Academy Awards and won a Golden Globe.  The success lead to the 2005 sequel, Mulan II which was only released to DVD.

We’re really excited to see this heroine come to life.  Let us hear your thoughts on this newly announced live-action movie in the comments below!

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