Designer/Model Kay Pike Takes Cosplay & Body Paint To New Levels!

Designer/model Kay Pike is taking on the cosplay world by storm with her unique spin on costuming. The artist is noted for her comic book-like look to the paintings she adorns on her body. Kay is internationally successful in fashion design, a popular cosplay model, entertainer and entrepreneur. She is also the talent behind and is the most requested Event Vendor in Canada.

A brief bio on Kay Pike:

Currently a professional designer: mixed artist Kay Pike is down for fun and adventure at all turns. You will most likely see her at a convention selling her Fashion line or helping out someone in need, always trying to create good experiences for others. You will see her own digital artwork in the form of fantasy prints, websites, and advertising. Kay Pike even takes the time to model if the opportunity for fun and to lend a helping-hand is there.

A true entertainer, her goal at her main workplace -conventions- is to give patrons a delightful experience. As an exhibitor, she is known for being “the convention cheerleader” with her positiveness, helpfulness and down to earth interacting with fans. She is the only “professional cosplayer” who is -genuinely- more interested in other peoples costumes then her own, with hundreds of photos of convention attendees in her collection.

Kay Pike started her cosplay career by wearing her designs around town. After repeated attempts by strangers to buy her cosplay hoodies off her back she was finally convinced to start producing for others. Her first event as a Cosplay Entrepreneur was in Calgary in 2009. 6 years, 1 arcade room, nearly 100 conventions, and over 10,000 cosplay pieces later, she has her own fashion line!

Kay Pike designs and sews everything for her company, CanadaCosplay. More than just a pretty face, Kay has faced down the competition and has become Canada’s leading day-to-day Cosplay accessory manufacturer, and full time professional vendor. From cute simple accessories like button badges to some of the most well recognized and sought after hoodie designs in the world, Kay continues to set new standards for pattern and product quality.

Here is just a sample of her many works of art Kay has created…

Here are some time lapse videos of Kay making her designs come to life.  The first is of Kay as she prepares to take on Pamela Isley… Poison Ivy!

Here’s an incredible look at Pike’s transformation into Lady Deadpool:

She has a delightful take on our superhero to the North… Captain Canuck!

Want to really see something remarkable? How about Golden Frieza from Dragonball Resurrection F?


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