Death-Rattler #1 – From Insane Comics: PopCultHQ Comic Book Review


Death Rattler #1 

Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender 
Co-Created & Illustrated: Ryan Downing
Inks: Ivan Miranda
 Colors: Alan Bay
Letters: Micah Myers

Super Sexy Death Rattler has one thing on her mind and that is the revenge of her fallen family. By hunting down the evil “Devil’s Cross” gang, she eradicates them all one by one till she finds the leader with the golden teeth.

Filled with sexually seductive women who have big curves, big guns and even bigger wills needed to survive the new frontier. It’s a sci-fi mixed with wild-west no-holds barred rules of law and Justice. Death Rattler is here to strike her own brand of justice, if she can keep staying two steps ahead of the law.

Hot sexy busty babes, colorful characters, loads of intense action with a sci-fi western twist. Death Rattler is a good ol’ time comic book! If you like the western movie “The Quick and the Dead,” you will LOVE this comic!

PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 4.5 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 4.5 out of 5 stars ***

Official Synopsis:

It was an age of magic and science, iron and steel. It was a new frontier, but old ways die hard. The “Devil’s Cross” gang ruled this land and the law was helpless to stop them. But, there was a new threat coming for the “Devil’s Cross” gang. An orphaned daughter of a murdered plains man and her name was – DEATH-RATTLER!

Preview page:

Death-Rattler---Page-6 (1)

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