In an upcoming issue of Famous Monsters magazine (#285), Game of Thrones show co-creator D.B. Weiss talks about moving into uncharted narrative territory on the Emmy-winning HBO juggernaut and reveals “how the sausage is made” with learning-curve musings and new details in our exclusive Official FM Interview:

ON ADAPTING & OVERTAKING GEORGE R.R. MARTIN’S NOVELS: “[George R.R. Martin] wanted to create a whole universe of hundreds and hundreds of characters and dozens of different, distinct locations and geographies, and you can’t do that in television. … And even though the TV landscape has opened up tremendously, you still couldn’t do an actual, verbatim adaptation of George’s books. It would be hundreds and hundreds of hours long. … There’s going to be, by necessity, some drift from the source material as it goes on.”

MARTIN MONITORS THE SHOW’S STORYLINE: Weiss makes a point to say that Martin “has always been extremely supportive” of the diversions from the book, and that the author is made very much aware of the decisions he and David Benioff make: “We’ll try to keep him apprised as much as possible of everything that we’re doing. We want his feedback and opinions.”

HOW SUCCESS DOES NOT EQUATE SECURITY: “Unless you’re a lunatic, you never go into something like this actually expecting that this level of fan engagement is ever going to happen. You just go into it hoping to God that you get a first season, and then hoping to God that the first season doesn’t completely tank so you can get a second season. … It took maybe three years to really feel any sense of security in the whole thing, and even then, you never, ever, ever do; you’re always terrified of slipping and falling off the tightrope.”

**Interview and all D.B. Weiss quotes courtesy of Famous Monsters magazine**


Two covers will be available:


• GAME OF THRONES’ Isaac Hempstead Wright on the exciting return of Bran Stark after a season’s absence.
• CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR directors Anthony & Joe Russo give a super preview of the Marvel summer blockbuster and how Spider-Man fits into it all.
• WARCRAFT director Duncan Jones & actor Robert Kazinsky talk about bringing the world’s most popular video game to life on the big screen.
• THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER’S WAR director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan on multiplying the female factor in the SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN follow-up.
• PENNY DREADFUL producer Chris King previews the third season of Showtime’s horror hit.
• PHANTASM star Reggie Bannister remembers his Tall Man co-star and friend, Angus Scrimm.
• CLASH OF THE TITANS star Harry Hamlin details the struggles and triumphs of making the last great Ray Harryhausen movie on its 35th anniversary.
• THE HOWLING director Joe Dante and star Dee Wallace give FM exclusive insight on the classic horror film’s 35th anniversary.
• CRY HAVOC writer Simon Spurrier explores the mythology behind his war-torn werewolves comic.


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