PAX is a large group of gaming conventions, and part of the ReedPop Entertainment family around the world. They include Pax West, Pax East, Pax South, Pax Aus, Pax Unplugged and Pax Dev. They’ve come a long way from their humble roots in 2004.

PAX East Logo

This past weekend was Pax East, held in Boston, MA. Gaming included everything from simple dice games up to high-end video gaming. No matter what your game addiction is, they probably had it there.

While a lot of gaming favorites could be found on the floor, there was noticeable absence of several of the larger and more popular vendors such as Blizzard and Riot, Alienware, Hyper X, AMD and Twitch. The advantage to their absence is that it let some of the smaller vendors and exhibitors shine.

In addition to the gaming, there was cosplay. People expressed their love for some of their favorite characters and Anthony Iozzo was there to capture some of them:

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