Jedi, Sith, Stormtroopers, Wookies, Sand People, and Jawas all got together for the 8th annual Star Wars Day at the Joliet Public Library. This free event attracts over 10,000 people annually and the fantastic weather yesterday ensured that everyone had a blast. It was a day of lightsaber battles, games, music, movie prop exhibits, and of course a parade.

The event pulled thousands of people, many of them in Star Wars costuming. The event started at 11:00 with a parade.

This was a huge event! The costumed characters number in the hundreds and was impossible to get them all in one picture when they gathered together.

There was even a wedding proposal!

The Library did a wonderful job organizing the event and parade and there were a lot of events throughout the downtown area. I loved the garbage disposal they created for the kids to play in.

Everyone that turned out for this looked fantastic.

This is a just a sampling of the photos we took, check out our Facebook Page for almost 200 more photos.

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