Ikkicon 2022 feature
This event did not go off without a hitch, there were a few reported problems.

IKKiCON was held over the New Year’s weekend at the Austin Marriot downtown hotel.

This event did not go off without a hitch, there were a few reported problems.

  • They had a problem with hotels. Apparently packages purchased through Tixr did not go through correctly and several people either did not get the room they paid for or were moved to a different hotel. In some cases, it seems the issue was resolved with the hotel itself, in others it seems that the convention took it upon themselves to offer compensation.
  • There was a cannabinoid dealer in the hall that sold gummies to a few that were underage, and apparently they were a lot stronger than the teens expected.
  • There was a problem with people being respectful and wearing their masks properly, despite the rules. Unfortunately I have encountered this at many events.
  • Scheduling was way off. The physical copies listed on the boards and the online version were completely different. The online panel schedule was a little more accurate, but it seems several people had to hunt around to find the panels they wanted. I’m told that the scheduling did improve over the weekend, but was still not 100% accurate.

No major problems that I have seen, so for a New Year’s event I consider it an overall success. Under normal times (or maybe we are in the new normal) any New Year’s event is a chaotic mess of understaffing and drunk partiers. Despite it all, Ikkicon carried it off well.

Thank you to Final EVA Productions for the photos. You can find more of their work online at http://www.finaleva.com/ on Instagram at @finaleva82.

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