This week’s cosplay photos come from Holiday Matsuri in Florida and were taken by the talented Raizekusu Dorthal.

Holiday Matsuri is a holiday-based anime convention that has been going on for several years. If you needed last minute holiday shopping, then this was the convention you needed to hit. They had a huge variety of vendors and crafters, offering a large selection of unique gift items for the fanboys (and girls) in your life.

Greetings, everyone. We are pleased to report that attendance has indeed increased. We have some final numbers to count, but we can say with confidence that 7,900 Unique Paid/8,100 Unique is an accurate assessment of this year’s numbers. We are incredibly humbled by this news and we look forward to seeing you all in 2018. – Holiday Matsuri

I’d also like to congratulate Holiday Matsuri on being proactive regarding bootleggers. The staff of Holiday Matsuri was informed about several vendors selling bootleg art and they promptly had those vendors removed. A convention that fully supports original artists and copyright holders is fantastic to see.

Cosplay Photos by Raizekusu Dorthal