[Cosplay 101] Basic Guidelines for Beneath Your Spandex

Spandex Costuming

Cosplay 101

Spandex, also known as lycra or elastane, is a popular material for cosplay costuming because of its stretchy and form-fitting nature. It gives you that streamlined look that many comic book heroes (and villains) possess.

While it may be tempting to simply wear nothing under spandex clothing, it is important to take some key points into consideration. Comfort, hygiene, and esthetics are important when deciding what to wear underneath. You don’t want the world to see everything and you don’t want to be uncomfortable.

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Here are some basic guidelines to consider when choosing underwear to wear under spandex.

  1. Choose a comfortable and supportive option. It’s important to find underwear that feels good against your skin and provides the support you need for your specific activity. For example, if you are wearing spandex for running or other high-impact activities, you may want to choose a sports-specific option like a jockstrap or athletic briefs. These types of underwear are designed to provide support and keep everything in place during intense movement. You don’t want body parts moving out of place during a photo shoot.
  2. Avoid underwear with bulky seams or decorations. Spandex is a thin and stretchy material, so it’s important to choose underwear that won’t create visible lines or bulges under your clothing. Look for seamless options or those with minimal seams and decorations.
  3. Consider moisture-wicking fabric. Conventions can be hot, sweaty places so it’s a good idea to choose underwear made from moisture-wicking fabric. This type of fabric is designed to pull sweat away from the skin and help keep you feeling dry and comfortable.
  4. Think about color and pattern. It is best to choose a neutral tone that most closely matches your skin tone. It is equally important to avoid patterns, as much as possible. The bright purple shorts with orange triangle may look cool, but will definitely show up under your yellow spandex.

In summary, when choosing what to wear under spandex, it’s important to consider comfort, support, and hygiene. Look for options that are comfortable, supportive, and made from moisture-wicking fabric, and be sure to pick neutral colors that will look natural under the spandex. With the right underwear, you can feel confident and comfortable in your cosplay costume and look great for the next photo.