[Convention] Reptile’s Random Reviews: C2E2 2021

Reptile C2E2 review

Let me start by saying I think I had more fun at C2E2 this year than in any year previous.

I took some pics, I cosplayed, I talked to vendors, I talked to fans of all sorts and let me tell you, the majority had nothing but good things to say.

C2E2 Cosplay Photos Friday Pt. 1
C2E2 Cosplay Photos Friday Pt. 2
C2E2 Cosplay Photos Friday Pt. 3
C2E2 Cosplay Photos Saturday Pt. 1
C2E2 Cosplay Photos Saturday Pt. 3
C2E2 Cosplay Photos Saturday Pt. 2
C2E2 Cosplay Photos Sunday Pt. 1
C2E2 Cosplay Photos Sunday Pt. 2
Reptile’s C2E2 Review

The security crew was friendly while doing their jobs. To that one guard, checking people as they entered the con floor for wristbands, badges, and masks – thanks for having a good sense of humor as I messed with you several times each day entering or re-entering the con floor. This guy was a stellar example of being good-natured and getting his job done.

I was also impressed that they were never lax on checking for the COVID wristbands and were readily handing out disposable masks. They even had stations set up along the path to the con floor handing out masks for free to anyone who needed one. Which was great, except for the one guy who didn’t have his nose covered, even though there were signs all over which showed the proper way to wear your mask as well as which masks were not acceptable.

 There was a decent amount of chatter among some of the folks as to why there were no carpets this year, and some were complaining that it was hard on their feet, knees, or back. I heard a number of conspiracy-type reasons for it but, when it comes down to it, “Did it really make a difference in the con?” I can’t think of too many comic cons that do have carpet. But their reasons are their reasons. ReedPop, if you want to comment on this, hit us up so we can shut down those that were unhappy. One of the other minor complaints was from the board game/tabletop game fans, as there wasn’t any of that present this year. To me, I didn’t find that surprising as it’s likely just another precaution to keep down the risk of spreading the virus. One of the things I noticed was that any financial exchanges with McCormick Place or the Hyatt were cash only, but there were tip jars. I never noticed a card slot on the tip jars, only cash filling them.  

There was a strong wrestling presence with John Cena and several other wrestling celebs taking pics and signing things for the fans. There were a lot of “My Hero Academia” cosplays with many of the show’s voice actors on-hand. In general this year, I noticed a stronger presence of the anime cosplay community turning out to support their favorite shows with their favorite hobby. But one of the things I really enjoyed with C2E2 being held in December was all the Christmas/holiday-themed cosplays. They were everywhere and varied in degrees of creativity and imagination. I know many people were put off with a December C2E2, but I, for one, enjoyed it and makes me long for another comic convention in early December. To me, it just added to my “holiday cheer.”

To wrap this up… I really enjoyed this year’s version of C2E2 and I think ReedPop did a great job of pulling off a good convention in the current environment, while running nearly one show after another around the country.  I give this version of C2E2 a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

PopCultHQ Rating - 4.5 Stars

This has been the holiday edition of Reptile’s Random Reviews.



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