It’s just a couple weeks until C2E2 is upon the city once again. As the great time draws closer, it’s time to highlight another fantastic guest who will be visiting Chicago for fans to meet.

There’s been a lot of voice actors who are on the guest list this year. And none other than the one-and-only E.G. Daily is going to be gracing the Windy City with her presence.

E.G. is a dedicated voice actress, like so many others in the profession. Her credits include everything from TV to movies to video games. She has even released several albums over the years and plenty of singles to boot.

The work that she is most well-known for, by far, are two cartoon characters who have been and are still beloved by people of all generations and audiences everywhere. Tommy Pickles, one of the famous faces of the ever popular Rugrats cartoon series, and the scrappy, no-nonsense Powerpuff Girl Buttercup.

Together, these two represent so much of Daily’s skill and ability, coupled with all her other work over the years. It is a sure thing that fans will be over-the-moon to see her, grab a photo, or even get an autograph.

E.G. will be attending the convention for all days of the show, March 22nd-March 24th and there are still plenty of openings/options available for getting photo ops with her before the con comes up.

If that’s not the cherry on top, then this certainly will be…E.G. will be joining her fellow voice actors to do a special and hilarious C2E2 edition of Twisted Toonz, with the script of National Lampoon’s Vacation.

Whether one grew up loving the adventures of the Rugrats, or thrilled to the superheroics of The Powerpuff Girls, or heck if any of the work E.G. Daily has done over the years has meant something to anyone, then this is an opportunity that won’t want to be missed out on. The 90’s are making a comeback at C2E2 this year, and E.G. will be helping to lead the charge. Time to bring back childhood, and meeting a beloved voice actress, is a way to help make it happen.