Shadowman #2


Andy Diggle & Stephen Segovia’s Powerful New Series Fights Onward in April!

Beware the call of Baron Samedi!

As first revealed at The Beat, Valiant is proud to present your first look at SHADOWMAN (2018) #2 – the second death-defying chapter of THE POWERFUL NEW ONGOING SERIES from acclaimed writer Andy Diggle (Green Arrow: Year One) and blockbuster artist  Stephen Segovia (Action Comics)! On April 25th, the New Year’s most anticipated new series plunges even deeper into the darkest recesses of the Deadside to reveal the vengeful machinations of Baron Samedi…and reaffirm Jack Boniface’s rightful place as mankind’s last line of defense against the forces of death and damnation!

SHADOWMAN (2018) #2 – Cover A by Tonci Zonjic

SHADOWMAN (2018) #2

Written by Andy Diggle
Art by Stephen Segovia

Cover A by Tonci Zonjic
Cover B by Renato Guedes
Interlocking Variant by Juan José Ryp
Shadowman Icon Variant by Ben Templesmith
Blank Cover Also Available

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+
On Sale APRIL 25th ~ Final Order Cutoff – 4/2/18

Jack Boniface has only just returned home to New Orleans…but the Deadside won’t let him stay gone! From across the veil of life and death, the malignant presence of Baron Samedi – a ravenous voodoo deity bent on consolidating power at all costs – now seeks to infiltrate the mortal plane and claim the legacy of Shadowman for himself! But even as Jack and Alyssa marshal a defense to Samedi’s inhuman agenda, a monstrous new force – driven by killer instinct and a rabid hatred of the Shadowman – is about to turn the Big Easy’s back alleys into a hunting ground…

On April 25th“FEAR OF THE DARK” stalks forward as Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia bring a hard-hitting reckoning of magic and might to Valiant’s must-read new series launch of 2018, only in SHADOWMAN #2 – featuring covers by Tonci Zonjic (Who is Jake Ellis?), Renato Guedes (BLOODSHOT SALVATION), Juan José Ryp (BRITANNIA), and Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night)!


But first: In the epic tradition of X-O MANOWAR and BLOODSHOT REBORN, a staggering new beginning for Valiant’s supernatural icon starts here on March 28th with the all-new SHADOWMAN (2018) #1!

Shadowman #1 – Cover A by Tonci Zonjic

SHADOWMAN (2018) #1

Written by Andy Diggle
Art by Stephen Segovia

Cover A by Tonci Zonjic (JAN182001)
Cover B by Renato Guedes (JAN182002)
Interlocking Variant by Juan José Ryp (JAN182003)
Shadowman Icon Variant by Travel Foreman (JAN182004)
Glow-in-the-Dark Variant by Tonci Zonjic (JAN182005)

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale MARCH 28th
Final Order Cutoff – 3/5/18

Don’t fear your demons… Fight them! Orphaned as a child and raised on the margins of society, Jack Boniface never knew his place in the world. Until he discovered it waiting for him…in a darkness far older than the reign of men…

Unbeknownst to him, Jack was fated to become the next in a long lineage of Shadowmen – mortals bound to violent voodoo spirits of immense power – that could safeguard our world against incursions from realms beyond. For years, he struggled to control the loa’s murderous urges – a battle he eventually lost.

But now, after years of self-imposed exile, the man once known as Shadowman is returning home to sharpen the weapon within…and unleash a reckoning on the evils of our world that will soon send shockwaves through heaven and hell alike…


On March 28th, Shadowman storms to the forefront of the Valiant Universe…more powerful, more terrifying, and more relentless than ever before…in the all-new SHADOWMAN #1 – featuring covers by a stunning cast of artists, including Eisner Award nominee Tonci Zonjic (Who is Jake Ellis?), Renato Guedes (BLOODSHOT SALVATION,  Wolverine), Juan José Ryp (BRITANNIA), and Travel Foreman (Animal ManThe Ultimates)!


PLUS: Valiant is rewarding fans who reserve the first arc of Valiant’s next essential ongoing series with specially expanded, limited editions of each issue in the SHADOWMAN #1-3 PRE-ORDER EDITION BUNDLE – available only as a pre-order set! Released monthly from March through May 2018, each Valiant PRE-ORDER EDITION comes packed with trade paperback-style extras and bonus content, including creator commentary, behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of the comics, process character designs and artwork, and first looks at upcoming issues – plus an exclusive cover by visionary artist Raul Allen (SECRET WEAPONS) that can’t be found anywhere else!

SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 – Pre-Order Edition by Raúl Allén


Written by Andy Diggle
Art by Stephen Segovia
Covers by Raul Allen (JAN182006)
$3.99 [3 issues] | 40 pgs. each | T+
Issue #1 On Sale MARCH 28th (IOD – 1/25/18)

The only way to obtain the SHADOWMAN #1-3 PRE-ORDER EDITION BUNDLE is to reserve this limited item with your local comic shop by the initial order date (IOD) of January 24th, 2018! No more copies will be made available beyond that date and subsequent issues will not be offered in later solicitations!

SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 – Detachable Pre-Order Coupon

THEN: In honor of the all-new SHADOWMAN #1’s long-awaited debut, Valiant can also reveal that the series’ must-read first issue will also feature the publisher’s first fully GLOW-IN-THE-DARK variant cover! Available to retailers who place qualifying orders for SHADOWMAN #1, this ultra-limited edition of Valiant’s most anticipated ongoing series debut of 2018 will recast the cover artwork of Tonci Zonjic (Lobster Johnson) in hauntingly luminescent glow-in-the-dark ink!

Shadowman #1 – Glow-in-the-Dark Variant by Tonci Zonjic

Attention retailers: One copy of the SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 Glow-in-the-Dark Variant may be ordered by retailers who place a qualifying order of 250 copies or more. The SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 Glow-in-the-Dark Variant is strictly limited to one copy per qualifying store. For instructions on how to qualify for the SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 Glow-in-the-Dark Variant, please refer to the Diamond Retailer Site.