Chris Pratt in the Running for Indiana Jones Reboot

We’ve all heard the rumors about another Indiana Jones and I think after the last movie we all cringe. Do we really need another bad sequel that will ruin the series even more?

The new Indiana Jones is still a rumor, but now they are talking about a reboot. Yet another idea that makes many of us cringe. Do we need another reboot of a classic? A bad reboot boosts the original movie, as people pick it up to see what the movie should have been like, but a good reboot will drive the original into the dust, leaving it forgotten in the annals of VHS tapes.

Well known director, Steven Spielberg, is hoping to get the green light on a reboot of the franchise using Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt as the lead character. This makes a lot of sense as they are already working together on Jurassic World and Pratt would be a draw to almost any movie at this point.

The script is apparently still in the works, but with a name like Steven Spielberg behind it, the odds of it going to print are pretty good.

So what do you think about rebooting the series? Should they go with a reboot, or carry it on as a next generation-type thing?