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Lip Sync Battle John Krasinski against Anna Kendrick in the Office vs. Pitch Perfect Showdown!

    The all out battle of Pitch Perfect begin with a boy band sync off with John Krasinski (The Office) bringing out his best *NSync against Anna Kendrick’s (Pitch Perfect) […]

Comic Book News

Wonder Woman movie picks up new director! Same one who left Thor 2 over “creative differences!”

Just as Alanis Morissette sings, “Isn’t it ironic!” It didn’t take long for WB Studios to find a replacement for director Michelle MacLaren who had left in mid-development of the […]

Comic Book News

Marvel Avengers 2: Age of Ultron World Premier Night Videos and Exclusive New Movie Clip!!

The Avengers had a grand opening screening for Age of Ultron tonight with a star studded galla that was streamed LIVE from Hollywood’s legendary Dolby Theater Plus, on Monday night! […]